Dig the well of love. Find the spring of wisdom. Nourish the tree of peace.

New Year…

I have a feeling that things will be very different in the world very soon.

It fascinates me that the United States can continue to participate in the violent, masturbatory act of NFL football, or in the advertising indoctrination of television and popular Hollywood film, when the world sits on the brink of what will probably be a moment of total definition, or perhaps of total destruction, for the human race.

Kardashev tells us that there are different “types” of civilizations.  

A Type I Civilization is one that has become capable of harnessing a maximum amount of energy out of the planet on which it evolved.  That would mean harnessing the energy of the fossil fuels available to us, that of the seas and tides, the energy of the wind, and the solar energy that is immediately available to us from our planet or its immediate exterior.

A Type II Civilization is one that has attained the capacity to harness all of the energy of the primary star that provides warmth to the planet on which it has evolved.  This would mean, most likely, the construction of some variant of a Dyson Sphere, an unimaginably gigantic array of solar energy collection cells which would float in space around the sun, collecting equally unimaginable amounts of energy from it.

A Type III Civilization is capable of harnessing a proportionate amount of energy from the galaxy in which it evolved.  This would mean harnessing the power of the tides and wind on many planets, harnessing a proportionate amount of solar energy from thousands and thousands of stars, and potentially harnessing the energy from the center of said galaxy, which is commonly a black hole.

Futurists posit that, given our experience as a race, many civilizations do not make it to “Type I” status.  We are a Type Zero civilization, as yet unable to harness all of the energy available to us immediately here on Earth.  In order to transcend into Type I status, our most important task is not to become extinct.  

The problem is, for our civilization, and likely for many others, that our species has developed the capacity to destroy itself in a vain effort to control and coerce segments of itself into behaving in certain ways.  The problem is that the advanced weapons technologies we have chosen to develop happen to have been developed before we, as a species, developed a social structure capable of global peace.  It is imaginable that many species, like ours, throughout the universe and throughout history have come to the threshold upon which we sit right now: armed with the weapons with which to destroy itself, and salivating to harm and coerce all other members of our species.

Only a civilization that has developed a mechanism of global peace is likely to transcend to Type I status.  A civilization incapable of attaining species-wide peace rapidly enough is likely to extinguish itself and the environment around it in a nuclear fire before it even has a chance to really leave its planet.

I’ve been reading and listening to the news.  I’ve been reading books.  It seems clear to me that the world is fast approaching a moment of transition.  Rogue nuclear states and aggressive states attempting to go nuclear are positioned against the already nuclear capable Western world, which continues to force its consumerist ideals upon every section of the globe, by gun, by contract or by brainwashing advertising export.  

Religious zealots who have no comprehension of the words of their Prophet control the United States Congress, and the very same are poised to put one of theirs in the White House shortly.  The man currently sitting in the White House has proven himself not to be a president of peace but, like every president in recent memory, a president who will do whatever it is the capitalist ideal compels him to do (I.E. escalating the war in Afghanistan and attempting to prolong the war in Iraq.)

Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in Russia, in Europe, across the Arab world, and even now here in the US, all generally demanding more freedom.  

The United States continues to clamor over itself in an endless and insatiable fit of manufactured desire for products and services which are decadent and wasteful and have nothing to do with advancing goals of peace, love, compassion or human longevity.

The incidence of child suicide seems to be on the rise.

The traditional mode of living is to work a job that one hates in order to buy an array of items one has been convinced (by their televisions which they pay for) that they need, and then to die having transcended nothing.

Private companies running private prisons use their economic influence to increase the rate of arrest and incarceration of people on US soil under the false pretense of morality.

Some 750,000 Americans are arrested each year for possessing or smoking a plant which grows naturally the world over.  Consumption of said plant has no harmful effect.  Liquor companies, which market a product which kills thousands every year, are allowed a pass, as their product helps to keep the laboring consumer docile and content.

The system of sexual slavery called “marriage” has failed, and religious zealots continue to defend this failed institution from people who don’t have sex the “right way.”

One billion people the world over struggle to get enough to eat.

More than 100,000 civilians died in Iraq over a war that even the most conservative analysts now agree was waged upon lies.

Americans paid for this war and continue to pay their taxes.  Much of their tax money goes to military expense.

Justin Bieber is a global phenomenon because of the way his face is shaped.

Those capable of owning and consuming the most are exalted and revered the most.

People who find the world distasteful or unfullfilling are encouraged to see therapists, who teach them “coping mechanisms” by which to supress their distaste and their anguish, rather than teaching them that the problem is systemic and that what the person really needs is an enitrely new, non-consumerist mode of living and thinking.

The same people are placed on mind bending medications which make it easier for the subject to stay docile and to not question their place in the world, which is a subservient one, and which runs contrary to many tens of thousands of years of human evolution.

We teach our children not to be who they are, but rather to be something they are not.  The carrot dangling before all of our faces is a false ideal of a white picket fence, one photoshop-perfect mate, 2.3 children and a redundant new car every two years.

That which is natural is abhorred by the market, having naturally evolved itself to have replaced the real with the synthetic and sellable.

An education system operates in the West based on the idea that we ought to become more perfect workers and consumers.  This assumption is understood as the subtext to almost every human action.  The common view is that there is “secret information” hidden behind the walls of academy that cannot be gotten anywhere else.  The secret information comes now at a steep price, and the Ivory Tower in fact now only sells the illusion of secret information, which intellectuals the world over buy, not realizing that the internet is here and that knowledge is virtually unending and free.

The 24 hour news cycle has numbed the world to the reality of human suffering.

People seem quick to anger, quicker to judgment, and predisposed to hatred.

The world of the spirit is relegated to our dreams as the world of the manufactured, plastic and shiny has weaseled its way into our minds and plopped itself down in the position of God.

The dollar has become God.

War is going on.  When it is not, the nations of the world bide their time, preparing for the next conflict.  Preparation for conflict begs conflict.

Most of us have more than we need.

To have more than I need, in a world where people starve to death on a regular basis, is an act of violence on my part.

We are on the verge of decimating ourselves and we are too wrapped up in the Academy Awards, People Magazine, and the Republican Primary Debates to even see the half of it.

I believe that humanity belongs among the stars.  I believe that there is great freedom and joy and ecstasy waiting for us both in space and in the deepest hidden parts of our very brains.  

I believe that we are on the verge of destroying our chance at becoming a Type I Civilization.

With so much going on, and with the New Year here (the one so may people are talking about as a moment of transition or of destruction in human history) I think that now is the perfect time for me to reassess my life and to clear out the manufactured, the false and the phony.

Now is the time for me to ascertain the depth of human love and companionship.

Now is the time for me to reach out and grab all of the freedom I could have ever desired.

I don’t know if I am ready to participate in a revolution, if I’m ready to disappear into the mountains to live alone quietly, or if I’m ready to kill myself and get to the bottom of all of this right away.

I will forgo the spiritual act of suicide for a little while to see what happens.

I am predicting big things now.

The prophets before us lied.

It’s time to let our DNA be our prophet, and the stars, our heaven.

Love is coming.  Let’s get to know each other and figure how to ensure that it’s not too late.

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